Manchester based Hikerdelic brings together the worlds of rambling and raving in one concept via a collection of printed t-shirts, socks, coats and hats that will look the part whether your estate is country or council.

Channelling the spirit of Colorado in the 60s, it crosses the streams with late 80s Acid House and finds the perfect position between indoor shopping centres and outdoor pursuits. Hikerdelic is where the peak meets the precinct.

On Saturday 10th August they are taking over our taproom and bringing along some friends - prints and an exhibition from Brian Conner (this guy designed album covers for Oasis, The Verve and Inspiral Carpets to name a few), prints from Daren Newman, hats from The Long Shot Exp, clothing from Arhto, Proper Mag goodies and DJ sets from Brian Conner, Neil Summers and Jamie Scahill...and it's FREE!

Not only is there all of this goodness but it's at the home of Manchester's first and only dedicated craft lager brewery and there will be free tours as well as the best lager Manchester has to offer. The bar will be fully stocked with other drinks as well for the non lager lovers!

Open 12pm - 7pm