Pot Kettle Black (Inside)

Raise A Glass: Pot Kettle Black Angel Gardens

The Mancunians among you here reading this will be no stranger to the name ‘Pot Kettle Black’, especially those connoisseurs of a good ol’ cup of joe. Starting out in the city centre’s stunning Barton Arcade, a Victorian-era shopping destination refurbished back in the 1980s now filled with independent traders, the original cafe has stood firm for almost a decade, serving its community with the finest Australasian coffees and hand-made baked goods.

Recently branching out from their initial outpost, owners Mark Flanagan and Jon Wilkin’s brand-new site was opened back in 2021 and sits on the ground floor of the striking Angel Gardens Tower. Hence its name. With a passion and exceptional knowledge of antipodean coffee culture, experienced first-hand whilst living and working out in Western Sydney, the pair's mission has been to supply northerners with new and exciting flavours from lands far, far away. And this still remains the case at both sites today.

Positioned ideally on the fringes of two of Manchester’s most vibrant districts, Ancoats and the Northern Quarter, the new location catches the footfall of city slicks and leisure-seekers alike, boasting an even bigger space than its long-standing Barton Arcade cafe with an improved food and drinks menu to boot. 

Pot Kettle Black Manchester Union Lager

Expanding its offering across the city, Pot Kettle Black at Angel Gardens is a carefully considered development, building upon the ethos found at its earliest establishment. Aiming to diversify what their loyal customer base has come to know and love, it’s a place whereby guests can enjoy delicious brunch dishes alongside aromatic cups of rich coffee through the day and, when the sun falls below the horizon, a selection of boozy cocktails and heady beers through the night. Manchester Union Lager being one of them, of course. 

Open every weekday from 8 am and on weekends from 9 am until late, there’s always an excuse to be found to drop in for a freshly made pastry, a small plate, a coffee or for a couple of drinks with friends in the evening. Did we mention they also serve roast dinners on Sundays? In our most humble and slightly biased opinion, it’s one of the best roast dinners in the city and has, on more than one occasion, helped put us back together the day after a night spent on the town. The scrummy Bloody Marys may also have played a part. (#pleasedrinkresponsibly).

Pot Kettle Black Sunday Roast

There’s so much more to this outstanding premises that we could list here but we think it’s better experienced in person. A magnificently decored venue with a menu of unparalleled refreshments that encourages relaxation and oozes sophistication. Make sure to head down and see for yourself what all the fuss is about at Pot Kettle Black Angel Gardens. 

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