Raise A Glass: Ducie Street Warehouse

Next up on our list of champions is the easy-on-the-eye, Instagram-ready social hangout space - Ducie Street Warehouse. 

Ideally positioned for the borough’s young professional contingent and swanky apartment-living inhabitants, as well as those coming from neighbouring towns and cities, the venue stands proud in the heart of the city centre and is within viewing distance of the North West’s busiest transport link, Piccadilly Train Station. 

Relatively new to Manchester’s hospitality scene, having been reopened back in 2019, TDucie Street Warehouse has piqued a great deal of interest since its reinstatement, known for its stunning architectural features, breathtaking interior design and its self-proclaimed ‘evolved’ entertainment offering. 

Built back in the mid-1800s, the cavernous six-story building, a Grade II listed Victorian Warehouse, once played an important role in the growth of the global cotton industry, storing large shipments of the widely used organic material before it was distributed to the mills that surrounded it. But now its purpose has changed.

An increasingly popular destination for those looking to eat, drink, work, dance and play, it’s a place that encompasses much more than may first meet the eye. Residents and locals of the Northern capital may remember the building as the site of the former CULTUREPLEX cinema and Bistrotheque eatery, and although the look and feel of the building have drastically changed, some of its previous amenities remain - including its very own mini cinema. Albeit with a few upgrades. And it doesn’t end there…

The impressive venue has its own coffee shop-turned wine and cocktail bar, Counter, which serves up some of the best confectioneries available in the city (including Gooey cookies). It has collaborative workspaces, offering weekly passes to those looking to find a balance between working from home and in the city. It’s also the location of an award-winning aparthotel (Winner of The Sunday Times Best Hotel, North of England 2019) managed by renowned hoteliers, Native, in which you can book to stay. 

Now back to the food and drink. We couldn’t mention Ducie Street without giving at least a little love to its outstanding menu of gastronomic pleasures and tastebud delighting refreshments. And there’s plenty of them to choose from. 

Ducie Street Warehouse restaurant is manned by Mancunian Chef, Andrew Green and his fervent foodie team. Conjuring up stunning and original plates of food, embracing flavours and ingredients from around the world - if you get the chance to eat here, we highly recommend you do so. What’s more, plates at Ducie Street Restaurant are made for sharing, making it a perfect spot for a date night with a loved one. 

And finally, the bar. There’s a thesaurus of words we could use here to describe its appearance and atmosphere, but none would do it justice. 

During the day, it’s a clean and modern space with a minimal and classy vibe. It celebrates the remaining features of the old Victorian storehouse, with furniture and lighting fixtures perfectly attuned to the red brick and pipework. Industrial chic done right. 

At night, it’s transformed by the low glow of the peculiar doughnut-shaped bar lights which hug the concrete pillars dotted around the ground floor, giving it an almost speakeasy sort of vibe. And when it’s not a speakeasy, it’s a place for partying that attracts some of the best DJ acts and event brands the UK has to offer. Manchester’s Homobloc being one of them, for example.

A magnificent all-arounder that’s one hundred per cent worth your time. We regularly find ourselves propped up at the bar here or drooling over food in the warm and welcoming dining area. And not just because they sell Manchester Union Lager. Although it helps. 

More information about what's on can be found on their website - www.duciestreet.com