Raise A Glass: | Trof

Celebrating twenty years of trading in 2023, Manchester’s Trof has stood resolute on the fringes of the city’s bustling Northern Quarter district, attracting custom from locals and out of towners looking for a space to relax and enjoy some of the finest beverages and food that Manchester has to offer. 

Housed within a three story building on Thomas Street, the atmospheric bar, eatery and sometimes event space is teeming with character. Stripped back walls reveal the red brick shell of the historic venue with wooden floors and bars bringing warmth, soaking up light from the moody light fixtures dotted around the multilevel setting. Along with the exposed pipe work, displaying everything from the airducts above to the pumps which deliver the frothy good stuff to your lips - including our very own Manchester Union Lager - all the finer details that have gone into its design lend to Trof’s rustic industrial charm. 

Regarded by many a critic as one of the best places to cure the affects of a heavy night out, the bars plentiful menu of refreshments and constantly rotating menu of succulent treats combine to provide the perfect concoction to soothe any alcohol-induced ailment. Grab a cocktail, a glass or a bottle of wine, depending on just how delicate you actually are, or a crisp cold pint of lager to begin with, a little hair of the dog that bit you as they say, and then dive deep into a decadent full english breakfast (veggie and vegan options are available), or perhaps a burger, a curry or a steak to soak up all that overindulgence. 

Likewise, Trof is just as good a place to begin a day, an evening or even a weekend of hedonism. Arrive in good time to acquire your party a table, the venue tends to get the busier and busier as the day goes on, and take advantage of the small plates available on the food menu. Use whatever excuse you can to allow you yourself to taste these dishes, it’s foolish to drink on an empty stomach, for example. You will not be disappointed. 

Sit back, socialise and absorb the laid back vibe, as you make your way through the drinks offering before night falls and the entertainment begins. From open mic sessions showcasing upcoming local talents to weekly quizzes and live DJ sessions, there’s always something going on. And with regular happy hour’s also running throughout the week, there’s always an excuse to swing by for a quick drink. Or maybe two. 

A bar serving many different functions for those looking for different experiences in the city. Whatever it is you’re in search of from a night or day out in Manchester, Trof’s got it in spades.

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