Raise A Glass: Blinker Bar

A recent addition to Manchester's flourishing hospitality scene, Blinker Bar has already founded itself as one of the city's most refined, high-end drinking establishments. 

Situated inside the elegant Northspring Building, one of the many historic masterpieces of architecture that border the walkways of King Street, the classy cocktail bar finds itself in a prime location for attracting footfall. Neighbouring a host of popular places of leisure, including The Gotham Hotel and fine-dining restaurant, Six By Nico, the bar offers gastronomes and travellers alike a place to stop and sample a luxurious tipple, either pre-meal or before hitting the hay. 

Opened and managed by the Gordon Ramsay Group’s former Head of Bars, Mancunian Dan Berger, the bar prides itself on its authenticity, with Beger applying his vast knowledge of mixology to producing a limited menu of outstanding classic concoctions. 

Apparently named after a cocktail made popular during the prohibition era of the 1920s, made from rye whiskey, grapefruit juice and raspberry, ‘The Blinker’ is also the venue's signature drink. Other options include seasonal cocktails, made from ingredients sourced locally throughout the year, Martinis in various configurations, and a select offering of draught beers. Amongst them is our very own Manchester Union lager.  

If the products we’ve spoken of haven’t caught your imagination, nor have they excited your taste buds, the look and feel of this stylish hangout most certainly will. As stated by the owner himself, the design of the bar's interior is an amalgamation of influences taken from others around the globe. Using upcycled pieces of furniture and sustainable materials, Berger and his team have managed to create a warm and friendly place to relax with friends that still oozes sophistication without all the fuss and pretentiousness.  

Suppose you’re a fan of great drinks made from only the finest of spirits, next-level service, stunning decor and an unparalleled laid-back atmosphere. In that case, we thoroughly recommend adding Blinker Bar to your list of places to call in, when you next find yourself in Manchester city centre.

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