Cooper Hall - Bar

Raise A Glass: Cooper Hall

From the cultured visionaries behind Manchester’s NoHo Group, proprietors of some of the Northern Quarter's quirkiest and most frequented social hangout spots, the likes of Dusk ‘til Pawn and Wood & Co, comes Cooper Hall. 

Housed within the basement floor of the architecturally striking Sevendale House, a recently regenerated Grade II listed building occupying the entire block enclosed by Dale Street, Lever Street, Stevenson Square and Spear Street, the venue is a favourite among beer lovers and merrymakers in the city, seeking quality entertainment and even better refreshments. 

Cooper Hall - Pilsner Urquell Tanks

Taking over the space where the Copacabana salsa bar was once found and eventually opening under the new moniker back in 2016, the vast 300-capacity alehouse is arguably the largest in the trendy district, boasting original features from its former industrial past. Its dimly lit and moody interior makes for a very intimate and atmospheric experience, with the attention of its patrons being drawn to the expansive glimmering bar and huge brass Pilsner tanks affixed to the ground nearby.

High wooden tables and bar stools, reminiscent of those found in traditional beer halls across the European continent, scatter the bar's spacious floor space, whilst a compact stage area acts as a second focal point for guests during the weekends. An eclectic programme of local DJs and groups can regularly be seen and heard here, spinning everything from disco and house classics and paying tribute to some of Manchester’s biggest names.

Cooper Hall - Manchester Union Lager

Upon finding your desired spot to sit and socialise, your second port of call should be the aforementioned alluring bar. Here you’ll find a well-stocked menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to wet your whistle. From decadent cocktails and an assortment of fine whiskeys and craft gins to a wealth of IPAs, stouts and lagers lovingly produced by some of the area’s best breweries - Manchester Union included. There’s plenty to have a go at with something to suit all tastes. And if said drinks begin to make your head spin, there’s also a well-priced menu of street food to take advantage of. Grab a quick bar snack such as a pretzel or go for something a little more indulgent and fill your belly with one of Cooper Hall’s signature hot dogs.

Providing something for everybody, not just beer lovers or humans for that matter, dogs are welcome too, Cooper Hall is, without doubt, one of the city’s best spots to catch up with friends and pets over a sublime beverage. And with closing times usually running later than 2 am during the weekends, it’s also a place to party long into the night, should the mood take you. 

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