Raise A Glass: HOME Mcr

With a focus on providing Manchester’s inquisitive, art-loving community with a space to take in some of the world’s finest cultural attractions, HOME Mcr is one of the city’s most ambitious venues for entertainment. 

Commissioning artists, both homegrown and international, to deliver audiences a wealth of exciting experiences, be they educational, informative or thought-provoking, HOME Mcr is a mecca for those open to new ideas, longing for surprise and an alternative to the mundanity of mainstream culture. 

Boasting five cinema screens, showcasing an eclectic bill of independent and foreign films, documentaries and blockbuster hits, two theatres, frequently hosting acclaimed stage shows, and a vast art gallery, it’s long been recognised as one of the few locations in Northern England which openly celebrates the unconventional and more radical side of the visual arts. 

Besides its world-class programme of entertainment, the striking glass-fronted venue, situated adjacent to the former site of another cultural hotspot, The Hacienda, on Tony Wilson Place, is also acknowledged as a sophisticated and contemporary meeting place for creative types living in the city. 

A number of reputed hospitality attractions, all of which live up to the same high standards and quality of service you’d expect to find in any other of the high-brow establishments dotted across the ever-evolving metropolis, can also be found within the building's perimeter. 

A serene café offers a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends over coffee, whilst the ground-floor bar serves an exquisite selection of beverages - including Manchester Union Lager - and the first-floor restaurant delights the palates of all who walk through its doors. It also has its own rooftop terrace with fantastic views over nearby Castlefield and Deansgate. A perfect place to take a moment to breathe and relax, away from the busy streets below. 

Built by two of the city's best-loved arts organisations, the recently merged Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre Company, HOME Mcr is a truly remarkable all-in-one destination. One which you could quite easily keep you occupied for an entire day. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. 

For more information and HOME Mcr's complete listings of events, head to https://homemcr.org/ 

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